It's All About the Meat
My son J was sitting at the kitchen table with the pieces of his latest Lego spaceship spread all around, when he suddenly shouted out "Hey, where's the meat? Are we having MEAT for dinner!?

I had just returned from firing up the grill with some fine Kingsford mesquite charcoal, and a smoky halo had apparently clung to me like good karma on the Dalai Lama. I suppose the scent was enought to tickle his nostrils and trigger what I think is his almost primal, instinctive need for animal flesh.

I wish I could phrase it more delicately, because it really does surprise me a little. Ever since my children were able to use their pincer grip on small pieces of food, they've been wild about eating meat. They pretty much start growling when I casually mention that I might be cooking up some bacon in the near future. When my first-born was a mere babbling infant, she reached across the table to grab a bloody-red squab leg that I had prepared for her dad's birthday. She had to advance to the age of two before she could ask for a pile of bacon for her lunch whenever we took her out to a restaurant.

It's not that we discourage that sort of behavior or anything, but my personal desire for meat products tends to be more moderate. I've been known to create entire meals around a block of semi-firm tofu and a can of chickpeas. But, inevitably, there are days when nothing but a side of cow or pig will satisfy.

Today, for instance. I saw the cover of the June Food and Wine magazine and knew I had to taste that glistening pile of ribs. I made a special trip to my local international food store to find the canned guava paste, but, man was it worth it. This recipe is outrageously good. The guava barbecue sauce is tangy-sweet, and forms a very appealing crackly crust on the ribs, which are falling-apart succulent. "Juicy and a little saucy" is how my son described them.
And my daughter is already planning her next birthday dinner with these ribs as the highlight.
We had these for dinner with a big bowl of cole slaw.


Anna said...

Those look like something Todd would enjoy. Food & Wine always has such great recipes.

Tony said...

Nothing could ever turn me into a meat eater, but if I were to stray from the path it'd be because I was scurrying after those ribs.

In fact, I'm going to pass along the recipe to Mrs. Taguchi. Not everyone knows this, but the lithe and powerful So T. is quite the carnivore.

Alanna said...

You've got the knack, Mz Karen, storytelling and recipes at the same time! You'll soon be a hit in the food blog world! Now whether A & J will tolerate postponing first bites for photographs is another thing ...

BTW ... Global Foods?

BTW ... you beat me to this one but I also made a sweet olive oil bread in the last month!

Kristen said...

Those look fantastic!

My kids love ribs too. In fact...get this... we went to Oklahoma Joes the other day, which is a famous KC BBQ restaurant. My 8 month old had a taste of BBQ sauce and went crazy..she loved it. So, I started breaking off tiny pieces of rib meat. The girl ended up eating 2 ribs. She's 8 months!!

My husband competes in BBQ contests, so ribs are a favorite around here!