About Karen

I'm a full time mom and foodie, for lack of a better word, living in a suburb of St. Louis, Missouri.

Before I had kids, I wanted to own a restaurant and cook like
Alice Waters - straight out of the garden, preferably one in Provence or Italy (so far that plan is still in the Dream Phase).

I talked myself into my first restaurant job working with chef Melissa Kelly, whom I consider my cooking mentor. Her restaurant Primo, in Rockland, Maine serves rustic, Mediterranean-influenced food, my kind of soul food, with many of the ingredients grown or harvested very nearby.

Over the years, I've worked as a wine consultant and cheesemonger, catered dinner parties, entered cooking contests , and these days I also teach cooking classes.

As of November, 2007 I am in business! I've launched DinnerStyle, my personal chef service. I'd love to come and cook for you in the St. Louis area.

My FamilyStyle Food blog is about sharing what I love - cooking, eating and entertaining - with a fresh, seasonal sensibility and simple recipes.

I hope you visit often and find something that makes you hungry or inspires you to gather around the table - there's nothing better.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Karen!

I wanted to send you a private message but I realize there isn't an email link - is it possible for you to shoot me an email at ferozan@webguerrilla.com?

Thank you so much for your time!

Ferozan :)


RecipeGirl said...

Lovely blog! Thanks for visiting mine. I'll come visit yours ofen as it looks quite delicious!

EAT! said...

Stumbled across your blog from tastespotting. Love your style and recipes. I will be back often to give many of them a try.

World Flavors said...

Hi Karen,

I just found your blog a day or two ago. I like it a lot and added it to my fav. blog list too 
Photos look amazing! Recipes very tempting.